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COURSE: The Process of Being Made Whole (Six constituents and Forty-five Days of Prayer)
Practicum Requirement: 
Course Literature: Study of the Process of Being Made Whole, and Bible
Pre-requisites (if any):  

Understanding the Course Design: Candidates use the literature to respond to questions.  Questions are in chronological order throughout  the course.  Questions preceded with bracket statements require Biblical, spiritual, or counseling insight, and these
questions test the students ability to deduce, assimilate, and otherwise process a number of factors to answer the questions. 

Completion Requirements are as follows:
Sections:  The course is divided into several sections of approximately 50 questions each.  It is not necessary to complete all sections in one setting.  However, you must complete a section before submitting your work. DO NOT submit
a section that is partially complete. 
Answers: Answers must be given in complete sentences.

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1.  What is the core of Christ-based Counseling (CBC)?

2.  How many constituents comprise the process?

3.  What is the first step in the Process of Being Made Whole? 

4.  Where is the foundation of Christ-based Counseling's effectiveness?

5. Who are the only persons who can avail themselves to CBC?

6. What must persons do first, who do not know the Lord?

7. According to Jesus, what is necessary for any person who desires a therapy where faith is involved?

8. What is the second step in the Process of Being Made Whole?

9. What is the therapy for right thinking?

Read the referenced text (Matt. 4:5-7).

10. Satan wants Jesus to prove that He (Jesus) is the son of God. What does Satan use as the "authority" to convince Jesus that his (Satan's) request is legitimate?  (hint: Satan makes a reference to it in verse 6,  "for it ...")

11.  What does Jesus use as His "authority" responding to Satan's request?

12. What verse in Scripture does Satan attempt to misuse?

13. What does Christ-based Counseling rely on?

14. What is the third step in the Process that counselees must possess?

15. What must counselees believe in the third step?

16. Name the four different types of hearers?

17. Read Mark 4:13-20, which of the hearers has God's Word snatched before it can take root in the heart?

18. Which of the hearers receives God's word, but "gives-up" upon experiencing difficulties as the result of obeying God's Word? 

19.  What are the characteristics of the Thorns & Thistles hearer?

20. Who believes in spite of the circumstances?

21. According to this step, the more a persons believe and apply God's Word,  the more ... ? (complete the sentence/thinking)

22. State the fourth step?

23. How much did the widow in the text give in life's value? (hint: not monetary value)

24. What's ironic about our culture concerning lifestyle change?

25. What does the Process require?

26. What is the fifth step in the Process?

27. Read Mark 8:1-3.  How long were the people with Jesus?

28.  What physical necessity did Jesus recognize the people needed?

29. What is used as an example of completing a practical matter?

30. What is the final step in the Process?

31. Read John 15:3-9. What verb does Jesus repeat several times during the reading?

32. What will counselees be willing to do?

33. What makes most issues problematical?


34. Name two processes counselees must stay in? 


35.  What additional therapeutic dimension is extremely important?

36.  Are most problems resolved in a short timeframe?

37.  Do many believers have a daily and concentrated prayer regimen?

38. What do most life changes require?

39. Name two factors are involved to reach a lifestyle change?

40. What number is used so often in the Bible that it is clearly more than a coincident?

41. What other numbers are seen often in the Bible?

42. What must believers be cautious about concerning numbers?

43 After sin, what is apparent concerning the timeframe of about forty days?

44. What is meant by the term, "Angels are purveyor's of God's will?"

45. What specifically do angels accomplish?

46. Where do angels work?

47. What has God connected to their operation?

48.  How many references to angels in the Bible?

49.  Why do angels refer to days in the Bible? (e.g., Dan. 10:13)?

50. Events in the Bible involving "forty" refer to the completion of a _______,  _______, or ___________.  (fill in blanks)


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