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COURSE: The Process of Being Made Whole (Six constituents and Forty-five Days of Prayer)
Practicum Requirement: 
Course Literature: Study of the Process of Being Made Whole, and Bible
Pre-requisites (if any):  

Understanding the Course Design: Candidates use the literature to respond to questions.  Questions are in chronological order throughout  the course.  Questions preceded with bracket statements require Biblical, spiritual, or counseling insight, and these
questions test the students ability to deduce, assimilate, and otherwise process a number of factors to answer the questions. 

Completion Requirements are as follows:
Sections:  The course is divided into several sections of approximately 50 questions each.  It is not necessary to complete all sections in one setting.  However, you must complete a section before submitting your work. DO NOT submit
a section that is partially complete. 
Answers: Answers must be given in complete sentences.

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51. If the principle concerning "forty" is true, how many times should it be shown in the Bible?

52. What happens in Genesis 7:12

53. What happens in Numbers 13:25

54. Explain what happens in Deuteronomy 10:10?

55. What happens in I Kings 19:5-8? 

56. What was the prophet instructed to do in Ezekiel 4:6?

57. How many days did it take the angel to arrive upon Daniel's request?

58. Was the angel's mission over when He arrived to Daniel?

59. How long do you think it would take for the angel to complete the mission?  why?

60.  How lond did Nineveh have to repent in Jonah 3:4?

61.  Are there more than two or three references to the use of forty days in the Bible? (shown in the questions above)

62.  Where is the precedent found for the principle concerning forty days?

63.  More importantly, give two examples in the New Testament where the forty day principle is evident?


64. Who was on the scene in both cases?

65. What is one of the most important characteristics of prayer in Luke 11:5-8; and Luke18:1-8.

66. In Luke 11:5-8, what does the man desire from his neighbor?

67.  Was his original request provided?

68. Given his neighbor's original response, how did the man respond?

69. Recall, what is Jesus' topic in Luke 11:5-8?

70. What is the primary characteristic Jesus teaches about prayer in verses 5-8?

71. Who are the two characters in Luke 18:1-8

72.  Concerning prayer, what is Jesus' specific objective for believers in verse 1?

73.  How was the widow's initial request received by the judge?

74.  What type of character did the judge possess?

75. How did the widow respond to the judge's initial response to her request?

76.  How does the judge respond to the widows request, eventually?

77.  What is the primary characteristic Jesus is teaching us by the parable of the woman before the unjust judge?

78. What two terms does Paul use concerning prayer?

79. Read Matthew 17:14-21.  Who was ill?

80.  What was the symptoms of the boy's illness?

81. Who tried to cure the boy?

82. Why were they unsuccessful?

83. Explain what Jesus meant by His explanation for the disciples inability to cure the boy?

84. What do the most challenging issue in life require?

85. What must be demonstrated, persistently?

86. When believers have a consistent prayer discipline, who is waiting for marching orders from the Lord?

87.  Believers must not worship or pray to what being(s)?

88. What did Jesus know concerning the angelic dimension?

89. Angelic success is often connected to our _______ (fill in space).

90. Read Ephesians 6:10-20.  What does Paul make clear?

91. Once the "overwhelming objective" is accomplished, what is cleared?

92. What type of weaponry does Paul address?

93. What are the focal verses of Christ-based Counseling?

94. What do verses 16-18 highlight?

95. What else does Paul add?

96.  What can God do in a single day?

97. What's required for most matters requiring spiritual intervention?

98. What other term is also noteworthy?  Concerning God and angels is there any difference between the two?

99. When believers pray in a range of forty days, what will the experience?

100. Will issues always be resolved in forty days? Explain. AND Where does the additional five days come from?



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